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Retained Recruitment

Retained and exclusive search provides organisations with the perfect candidate to fill business and mission critical roles.

Verse Group’s retained service is a commitment to deliver people with the right skills at the right time to your agreed budget. This allows our senior consultants to focus their time on a shared objective. You can be assured that Verse consultants will have a thorough understanding of your organisation and the requirements of the role. We are in regular contact with all consultants working in senior roles with the skills and experience you may be looking for.

How we Work

Retained and exclusive search roles are handled a little different to regular recruitment.

  1. Begin with a no-obligation, preliminary chat about your role.

  2. Senior Verse consultants will consider your needs and identify potential candidates.

  3. We’ll telephone potential candidates and discuss the role in the strictest of confidence.

  4. Interested candidates will be invited for further discussions.

  5. If we believe we’ve found the right candidate/s, we’ll discuss and arrange interviews .

  6. Verse will assist with the offer to the successful candidate.

  7. We maintain an ongoing relationship with the client and candidate throughout the 12-month warranty period.

Our Guarantee

Your organisation has the peace of mind that our exclusive and retain services come with a full 12-month guarantee. If the candidate isn’t right for whatever reason, we’ll complete the full recruitment process again and supply you with the right candidate. The extra nine-month guarantee gives you the time you need to assess performance.