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Can I work at Verse Group?

Verse Group is always hiring motivated and dynamic people who are interested in recruiting. If you would like to learn about open positions at any of our offices, please send an email to

How is Verse Group different from other recruiting agencies?

Founded in 2013, Verse Group partners with some of the fastest growing companies. We personally work with all our candidates and specialize in recruiting for Technology, Digital and Professional White Collar roles. Our recruiters focus solely on the candidate relationship, ensuring that you have the best experience and are always a top priority. Our Recruitment Consultants in turn, represent our clients, safeguarding their needs. This segmented approach enables us to provide our clients not only with the best candidates, but more importantly, the right people to help scale their business.

Is Verse Group a local service or international?

Verse Group has three offices – Perth, Sydney and Manchester. We have plans to open other offices very soon!

How long does the Verse Group process take?

The typical recruitment process takes between one week and six weeks, depending on the position and how specific the parameters are.

Does Verse Group recruit for temporary positions?

Yes! Verse Group recruits for temporary and part-time positions and also Fixed-Term Contract.

What kind of companies does Verse Group partner with?

Verse Group partners with the world’s most innovative companies. Our clients include high growth companies, both well-established and new startups. Industries vary from Mining/Resources, Oil & Gas, Finance, Health, Education, Retail, Manufacturing, Government and others…

Do I have to work exclusively with Verse Group?

Verse Group does not require individuals to work exclusively with our company. Instead, we do ask that you are open and candid about interviews you have outside of Verse Group. Oftentimes, you may be interested in or interviewing for a position at a company where Verse Group has a relationship. Letting your recruiter know the entire expanse of your job search will ensure you land a new position as quickly as possible.