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We’re not like other tech recruitment consultancies.

At Verse, we lead from the front. We’re bold. We’re on a constant journey of curiosity and growth. Every day we ask ourselves, how can we do tech recruitment better? We explore new frontiers with gusto. Embrace new technologies. New techniques. We stay two steps ahead of how contractors work and play. We listen, deeply, to the needs and wants of the people we serve.

Our team is diverse. It’s one of our great strengths. Different cultures. Different backgrounds. Different CVs. Different specialisations. Different ways of thinking. We bring together the very best and we share, brainstorm and learn from one another. Every single member of our team brings something extraordinary to the table. What will you add?

Do you Share Our Common Core?

Although we celebrate differences, our consultants are cut from the same cloth when it comes to the values they hold close. We’re keen to hear from more like-minded folk who:

  • Love what they do. Like, really love it. With a passionate fire raging in the belly.

  • Keep it real. Players, exit stage door right.

  • Like to have fun. We work hard, but not a day passes where we don’t share an office singalong to a power ballad.

  • Believe in work/life balance. We care about each other. We want to know how your Aunty Merle is recovering from knee surgery and how your daughter did in the swim carnival.

  • Genuinely love people. We build real relationships and enjoy being social butterflies in our communities.

  • Want to be the master of their domain. We believe in specialisation at Verse.

  • Like to win. We’re a competitive crew and results are our rocket fuel.

Do You Want to Be You?

Now, while it’s important that our values align and we fit like a snug glove, we need to make one thing clear.

Once you tick that box, you’re free to do you.

This means we won’t be breathing down your neck, or giving you rehearsed scripts, or telling you what to wear, or forcing you to schmooze.

Nope - we believe that recruitment consultants deserve the freedom and trust to work to their own strengths. We believe in outcomes, not rigid formulas.

We’ll support you the entire time, of course. You can depend on us to be your backbone, delivering the tools, the advice, the environment, the back up, the facilities, the culture, the marketing acumen and the flexibility to help you shine. Which brings us to our final point...

Do You Want Your Career to Sky Rocket?

The sky’s the limit here at Verse. Want to be a recruitment gun? Go for it. Lead a team? Good for you. Explore a new area of tech specialisation? Great idea. Here at Verse, we love anyone with entrepreneurial flair and enthusiastically encourage get-up and go.

Do we sound like a good match?

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