When an interviewer asks you for your current salary.

11 July 2024 Jeff Grbelja

Linkedin Article

When an interviewer inquires about your current salary, you have the option to either disclose or withhold that information. It’s crucial to understand that some employers may use your current salary as a reference point to determine the offer they make. If you are not comfortable sharing your current salary, consider one of the following approaches:

Politely decline to answer:
You can respond with something like, “I prefer not to disclose my current salary, but I’m happy to discuss my salary expectations for this role”

Provide a range
You can offer a broad range for your current salary to allow room for negotiation. For example you can say that you have a salary range of $ to $ so that you do not have to disclose the exact amount that you are being paid.

Focus on the role
Shift the focus from your current salary by highlighting your interest in the role and your qualification. For instance, “I’m very enthusiastic about this opportunity and believe my skills and experience align well with the position. In terms of salary, I’m seeking a fair compensation package that reflects my experience the responsibilities of the role”

Ultimately, the decision to disclose your current salary rests with you, and you should choose the approach that makes you feel the most comfortable. Regardless of your decision, be prepared to discuss your salary expectation for the new role. Conduct thorough research beforehand to determine a fair salary range based on your experience and the current job market.

This approach ensures you remain professional and focused on the value you bring to the prospective role, rather than simply your current compensation.