National Programmers Day - 13 September 2021

11 July 2024 Jeff Grbelja

Programmers Needed

The first coding language was developed in 1883 by Ada Lovelace and Charles babbage. Today, over 300 coding languages exist, although computer programmers don’t need to master all of them to excel in their jobs.

Day of the Programmer is celebrated on the 256th day of each year, falling on September 13th or September 12th during leap years. The day is chosen because 256 is the highest power of two less than 365, and it represents the number of distinct values in an eight-bit byte, a fundamental unit of digital information.

Day of the Programmer was officially established in 2009 when Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a bill in honour of computer programmers. The holiday was first proposed by Russian programmers Valentin Balt and Michael Cherviakov of Parallel Technologies in 2002. Soon after, the international community embraced the day as an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of programmers worldwide.

Almost every major industry, including medicine, finance, and education, has benefited from advancements in programming. Programming also significantly impacts daily life, from smartphones to transportation systems and telecommunications.

Tech companies often celebrate Programmer’s Day by encouraging employees to share their programming achievements on social media or by recognizing the hard work of their colleagues. They may also contribute to nonprofits that focus on building tech skills and providing job support. Here are a few ways to celebrate Programmer’s Day:

  • Donate to a nonprofit that teaches coding skills.

  • Share programming accomplishments on social media.

  • Create programming challenges for beginners to promote coding education.

  • Show appreciation for coding professionals.

The work of programmers often occurs behind the scenes, and this holiday helps shine a light on their essential contributions. Programmers are crucial for innovation, protection, and design in the modern world.