How to Nail a Job Interview (and Land Your Dream Job)

06 September 2021 Jeff Grbelja

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At Verse Group, we’ll do the hard yards and secure you an interview, but then it’s over to you! Here’s what you need to know to smash that interview.

Always research the company before you head into an interview.
Turn PI - check out the company’s website and do some serious googling. Absorb as much about the company as you can, particularly when it comes to its vision and values statement.

Understand the role that you are being interviewed for.
Brainstorm some real life examples in your work history so you can nail those key responsibilities and demonstrate your suitability for the role. If your previous role was part of a team, outline your key achievements and ultimate outcomes. Don’t be shy - it’s not the time to play down your wins!

Know your CV.
If the interviewer refers to something and you can’t recall it, you’ll have some serious egg on your face. If you say you are experienced in software packages, technologies, methodologies and frameworks - be ready to prove it. Also be prepared for scenario questions designed to assess your EQ chops. Things like, “how have you dealt with certain scenarios, such as dealing with difficult or confrontational individuals or situations?” Mentally file examples with both positive and negative outcomes, and an honest take of what you learned from the experience.

Listen carefully and understand the interviewer’s questions.
Do ask for clarification if you are unsure of the question and always provide relevant responses that directly answer the question. Be yourself and be honest in regards to your work history and experience. If you lie, it will come back to bite you.

But remember, they’re not the only ones who get to ask questions!
An interview is a two-way conversation. You’ll be sure to impress if you ask relevant questions in relation to the role and show interest in the organisation, culture, direction and future opportunities.

Be nice.
Even if your last boss was the worst person in the world, don’t talk negatively or make derogatory remarks about a previous employer, manager or colleague.

First impressions count.
This starts with arriving on time. Know the exact location of the interview inside and out and allow yourself ample travel time to arrive a few minutes early (we highly recommend a trial run). And make sure you dress appropriately - your specialist consultant can help fill you in on what the client expects.
Once in the interview, give a firm handshake, smile and use eye contact. Be confident, but not cocky. You want a friendly but professional demeanour throughout the interview - being too familiar may feel fun but it’s super inappropriate. Good manners go a long way, so don’t forget to thank the interviewer for their time and the opportunity to interview for the role.

Don’t be pushy regarding salary.
OK. You’ve got every reason to ask about your prospective salary, but don’t be tempted to have an in-depth discussion about salary or rates at this early stage. If your interviewee brings it up, always direct that conversation back to your Verse Group consultant.

Job interviews are daunting, and you’ll likely be up against some tough competition, but this is YOUR time to shine! And remember, the great advantage of being with a quality recruitment consultant is that they can help you every step of the way.

Your specialist consultant should act as your guide, sharing inside information regarding the organisation, position, role responsibilities and the reason the role exists. Your consultant should also provide critical feedback and advice based on his or her own observations from interview and screening discussions with you, so you’ll already be one step ahead of the competitors.

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