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Jilly McIlchere

Jilly McIlchere

Senior Consultant

Jilly McIlchere is our infrastructure, cyber security and DevOps buff, with a surname you're almost guaranteed to mispronounce.

One of only four McIlcheres (Mack-el-shay) in the universe, Jilly is a big favourite with clients and candidates alike due to her sunny nature and recruitment prowess. Beneath her winning smile she's a machine, with over 15 years of experience and a real knack for knowing exactly what clients' need, and for helping systems, network, infrastructure and DevOp engineers and architects to find their dream gigs. 

Outside of work, Jilly is a loving mum of three and is committed to improving her questionable driving skills, which she blames on growing up in a sleepy Scottish town with no traffic lights, motorways or roundabouts.

Jilly's specialist areas include:

System and Network Engineers
Infrastructure Architects
Network Architects
Cloud Migration and DevOps Engineers
Technical Leads
Security Operations
Security Architects
Service Delivery and Operational Management
Desktop Support

Jilly McIlchere