18 Oct 15:00 by Claire Lindley


When I first started to talk to Phil and Jeff about joining Verse Group, I was honest about my intention to move back to the UK. I didn’t have a timescale, but it was part of my long-term plan. Whether it was fate or coincidence, my plans tied in with their vision for Verse Group. It was at that point, discussions of Verse Group UK became part of our objective and we have been working towards this exciting phase for the last 2 years.

Our growth plans over the last 12 months have been ambitious but well thought out. It started with adding more superstars to our team here in Perth growing the team from 8 to 11 consultants. We also opened our Sydney office led by Josh Hill in Aug 2017. In less than 12 months Sydney are now a team of 3 who are truly raising the profile of Verse Group in Australia. It is a natural decision to now move into the UK market and we could not be more excited.  

So after almost 8 years in Perth I will be making the move back to Manchester and the Verse Group UK doors will be open 1st August 2018 (although feel free to speak to me before then). Not that I am biased at all but you might ask why Manchester over any other city in the UK? There are many reasons from a personal perspective but from a business perspective it’s a no brainer............

With the largest city economy outside of London and a population of almost 550,000 Manchester has a thirst for entrepreneurship and start up’s. It boasts the biggest university campus in Europe with 3 major universities (5 in total) and so access to talent is strong but competitive. The Northern region in general is home to some of Europe's biggest companies with Liverpool an hour to the West and Leeds and hour to the East, Manchester is fortunate enough to be closely connected to many great cities in the UK. Plus the headlines say it all………

 “Manchester bucks the trend to be Britain’s strongest performing city”.

“Industry titans are choosing Manchester as a home”

“Manchester has once again been hailed as one of Europe’s fastest growing cities”

Aside from the headlines you can get the true "feel" of the city by reading "This is the Place" by poet Tony Walsh.

The culture we have developed here at verse Group will transfer perfectly to the Manchester market. It is a vibrant, ambitious city with a real buzz about it and anyone who knows our business will tell you, we are the same. I am hoping as well as the Verse Group culture and way of working, I can also bring with me some of the Perth sunshine. I am definitely going to miss the blue skies and never-ending summer but I am looking forward to the buzz of being back in the wonderful city of Manchester.

If you are interested in being part of the Verse team at this exciting time or would like a general confidential discussion about your job search, we would love to hear from you. Contact me on 

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