Finding A Way

24 October 2018 Jeff Grbelja

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I turned 40 last week, almost impossible to believe I know but as a landmark birthday for most, here I am starting again! When I say starting again, I mean it, I have had to buy everything from knives and forks, to cars and curtains. It has been stressful, expensive but also quite liberating.
I am also “starting again” launching Verse Group here in the UK. I am slowly filling my office with pictures, white boards and soon a couple more people for the Verse team.

It hasn’t been easy, I underestimated the amount of work involved in setting up a business whilst moving your family half way across the world! No amount of “to do list” making would have prepared me for it. In the middle of it all however I listened to a podcast with Diana Nyad. I had never heard of her before, she is an American, extreme swimmer with an incredible story of resilience.  Listening to her talk there was a clear message all the way through “Find a Way”. So, at the top of every page when I started my day I would write “Find a Way”.  That mindset has helped me achieve so much in 3 months, so maybe if you are overwhelmed with everything you must do, try writing that down. It helps!  

The best thing about “starting again” in recruitment is my clean fresh database. I am not inheriting lists of candidates and clients that are faceless to me. I have a connection with everyone I am adding to the system and that is really encouraging. It is not all new to me though, after 15 years in recruitment and 8 years delivering to the Australian market, it has been easy to fit back in with the Manc way of life.

You never really lose it.

If you are currently looking for a new role or interested in the candidates I am currently working with please contact me on 07549220444 or email