The recruiter never called me back…

28 June 2018 Jeff Grbelja

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Over the past few months I have come across numerous articles on LinkedIn that have not shown recruiters in the best of light. Generally these articles are written by people who have either had bad experiences or don’t understand what recruiters actually do. I get very tired of defending my profession. Like any occupation, there are good recruiters and some bad, yet we all get painted with the same brush.

Recently my mum was diagnosed with a brain tumour. A neurosurgeon in Perth advised us that the tumour was an ‘inactive tumour,’ meaning it doesn’t grow in size or spread. Luckily we decided to get a second opinion from another neurosurgeon, we were told that the tumour was active level 4 (the most active growing tumour possible). Now because I had a bad experience with one neurosurgeon does this shape my perspective on all neurosurgeons? Absolutely not. We are all human, mistakes happen. So before we continue to make generalisations about recruiters, stop and think for a minute how many ethical recruiters you may be potentially offending.
It gets upsetting when I hear people constantly bashing recruiters. I’m not denying that there are some bad recruiters who are aggressive, overly competitive, create fake jobs, do not return calls/emails, and treat candidates disrespectfully. The minority of bad recruiters outweigh the good and if you don’t believe me just see below

Times have changed in Australia, our working market has transformed dramatically in the past five years, in particular for West Australians. The unemployment rate in WA is now the nation’s worst, WA’s jobless rate jumped from 6.1% in September to 6.5% last month. You may be asking what does this statistic have to do with this article? Let me answer that for you. When candidates are made redundant the majority look for their next job almost immediately. With the market being tough they want to hear about available opportunities, so they register with a number of different recruitment agencies. Therefore with redundancies at its highest, our list of ‘active candidates’ is the longest it has been for a very long time.

As a recruiter we advise our candidates to make regular contact with us to inform us how their job search is going. I get in the office every morning at 8am, by the time I return phone calls to candidates, clients and reply to my emails, check the job board it can easily be 10/11am. This can be extremely time consuming when you have time constraints and fixed meetings. So when people rant that we don’t return phone calls and emails, we honestly do try, well at least I do, but sometimes it can be very overwhelming to get back to everyone. I’m not perfect, I’m sure there has been many times I’ve forgotten to reply to emails or calls however this is all done unintentionally. It is a tough market and as a recruiter we definitely feel the pressure too.

Reasons to work with a recruiter when you’re on the hunt for your next role:


We actively pursue companies on your behalf:  There are 24 hours in a day and recruiters spend a good portion of that time networking. We attend job seminars, networking events and campus events.  Through constant interaction with both clients and candidates we get a great insight on how companies operate, their structure, turnover, beliefs and company culture (skill set and fit). We understand the companies we recruit for inside out. We are sales people, organisers, negotiators, matchmakers, trainers, researchers, and public relations specialists.

We will ask some tough questions: Tough questions can often be personal yet essential to discuss. We want to understand your passion, motivation, career desires and life goals to the best of our ability. We may challenge you or reveal some hard truths. However it is up to you whether you open up to these conversations but I would strongly advise you to try. “Pay” is often a topic people feel uncomfortable speaking about, we aren’t being nosy we genuinely want to manage your expectation and find you a role that pays in line with what you are looking for.

We have your back: If and when the time comes for an offer to come your way, you better believe we try our absolute hardest to make sure you are satisfied with the overall contract– we will negotiate on your behalf

We will always be on the radar for you: Even if we don’t place you this time around, given you have specified your skillset and your dream job we will be thinking of you in the future. We will be your eyes and ears in the market and keep you posted on any movement.

Now I’m not delusional to think every recruiter in the industry works this way – I’ll tell you right now they don’t.

A lot of people have this idea that all recruiters do cold call candidates and clients and search job boards. Apparently all we do is collect resumes and hand them to our clients. As recruiters, we need to know where to find candidates around the industries we recruit for. Due to recruitment changing rapidly a good recruiter must constantly update their skills. We constantly train our clients and our candidates on the hiring process of each organisation. When our clients have questions, they turn to us for answers. When our candidates have questions, they turn to us for answers. We guide and personalise the experience for both parties.
Personally, I love my job and find it to be very rewarding. I love that I get to meet new people every day and that I am able to help organisations grow. Invest in the right recruiter.